“Resolutioners”: Why Can’t I Make My New Year’s Resolution Stick?

Happy New Year!

It’s the first month of the year. January again, another chance to reset, to make a 1/365 post, a clean slate, and well, of course, gym photos and yoga mats to show everyone on ‘gram that you’re finally choosing the ‘fit life’ or whatever this year!

How many times have you told yourself: “I’m gonna workout a lot more this year.”, “I’m gonna start to eat healthy after this holiday season.” or “I’m consistently going to change my ways this New Year to get that 6 pack”?

So you go to your nearest gym, studio, or workout style of your choice, sign up and pay for a HUGE membership (which you’d vow to yourself that you’re gonna make the most out of ‘coz it-costs-too-damn-much-but-this-is-gonna-be-for-your-fitness-goals), and get extremely excited for day one!

“If you didn’t take a gym selfie, did you even go to the gym?”

Of course, you give your all and you kill it on the first day! Woke up at 5, had oats for breakfast, a glass of milk before the workout, hit it hard, had an apple and a salad for post-workout and you’re feeling great for the entire day! Happy, jolly, ecstatic, and you’re so goddamn #blessed because you started on the right foot…

Goin’ Vegan?! @ Charlie Does, Baler, Aurura

Then suddenly, voila. You get tired after 2 weeks of the same routine! You question yourself every morning after the DOMS (Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness) has set in from yesterday’s workout “Why the hell am I killing myself?! I might as well snooze instead of getting battered and bonked up at the gym! I need more energy for work!”

Is it really worth it?

The hassle of waking up early, the meal preps so as you won’t revert back to your usual McDonald’s 1-piece chicken fillet lunch, the preparation of your gym clothes, bag, and water, the grunts, heavy-breathing, buckets of sweat and tears of pain you undergo when you’re in the gym, and the worst part of waking up sore the next morning when you can’t even get up when it wasn’t there in the first place… is it really worth it?

Let me break it to you, you’re asking the wrong question. The question is not “Is it really worth it?”.

The real question is: “How bad do you want it?”

Whether you want those 6-packs, those mighty shoulders, those big arms, or maybe those massive looking quads, that booty to die for, or even maybe you just want to trim down and lose some weight here and there, you have to start by making a choice.

Fitness is a lifestyle.

No matter where you are currently in your life, choosing to eat healthy, exercising almost daily, and getting the right amounts of water and sleep is not easy. It takes a lot of strength to muster your will to wake up early in the morning, put in a workout, engulf more vegetables than fried crap, and do it again the following day consistently.

One day, or day one

It is never easy and it never will be.

It all boils down to asking and reminding yourself every single day you wake up in the morning why you started it in the first place.

Specific goals will keep you going.

When you read, visualize, and repeat to yourself every single day in the morning the goals you’ve put up, why you want to get it, and how you’re gonna get it, there’s no way anyone can stop you from consistently hitting milestones. Go ahead, be specific! I’m gonna get a 6-pack by the end of this year, I’m hitting 48kgs before June, I’m ditching fastfood during the weekedays, I’m gonna read a chapter in a book atleast everyday- do it!

Setting goals, reading them everyday, and slashing them off the list one at a time.

Consistency is motherf-ing key.

You don’t go into the gym one day, eat healthy for two days, drink 8-10 glasses of water for three, and wake up on the fourth day with 6-pack abs, chiseled shoulders, and have twerk-worthy glutes, no. It takes weeks, months, heck even years to attain that goal of yours.

Small consistent output over large patchy outbursts.

Going hard on Monday and slacking for the rest of the week to go hard again on the next Monday won’t cut it. Eating granola and a fruit one breakfast then eating Jollibee and fried stuff for the rest of the days and weeks ahead is bullshit. No matter what your goals are, you need to be disciplined.

Discipline and Consistency work hand-in-hand in making those resolutions stick.

I may have sounded sarcastic for the most part of this post and I made it so to trigger you and make you aware of the facts and the excuses you might make in your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself.

No bullshit, it ain’t easy. Changing habits one small step at a time is key for a major change.

One little change in your daily routine such as maybe drinking an extra glass of water per day, an extra fruit or vegetable in your meals, or removing that venti mocha frappuccino with extra whip and extra caramel sauce into your daily consumption would go a long way. Take it a step at a time, build habits one brick at a time.

I’m not saying that you eternally CAN’T eat this wonderful monster. Just tone it down to maybe once or twice a month! (BQB burger at mad monkeys, la union)

As for all your other resolutions, it’s still of the same mechanism. Discipline and consistency. The only two ingredients that matter in the long run. I focused on fitness in this post because most of us (including I myself) are trying to be more aware and hands-on with our bodies to make ourselves healthier and of course, look better.

Other resolutions, goals, and changes in habits that you would want to achieve for 2019 all have a common denominator, be it to have a healthier lifestyle, a fitter body, better family connections, building a better network, forming new friendships, or getting a promotion or a new business to work, that common denominator is change.

You have to change something in your current routine to make new things happen; to make your goals happen.

Small changes has to happen before major life goals could be achieved and that is a major fact that every single one of us undoubtedly knows.

Off to somewhere this 2019…

So what’s your New Year’s Resolution?

What are you hoping to accomplish this year that is going to be a game-changer and would help you become the best version of yourself?

Please feel free to comment, discuss, ask about fitness or lifestyle, or even message me (for those who personally know me), I would love to interact with each and every one of you!


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