Quaint Mornings: Why Everyone Should Try to Wake Up Before The World Does

“The early bird gets the worm.”

Cliché but touché.

Have you ever tried waking up consistently in the same exact time every morning? Have you tried not snoozing that pesky alarm that just seems to ruin everything between you and your beloved sleep? Or have you ever experienced waking up before your alarm intentionally? 

Yes, I do believe it’s possible.

I’ve always identified myself to be a morning person. I always feel like shit whenever I wake up around 7AM, or even worse, when I wake up after a long night of drinking and partying, and end-up rising from the dead around 2PM. Pretty sure I’m not the only one, but I feel like I’ve wasted the entire day if such does happen.

The other way around is also true. The earlier I wake up and start pressing that coffee, a lot more things come into fruition and productivity flows like a river.

Is it just me or does everything just seem to work a lot better before the rest of the world is awake?

I get it. I know what you’re thinking: “I’m not a morning person, I never was!”, “How can you sleep when everything else happens in the night?!”, “What the fuck bro, so lame! You sleep at around 9PM? What a tito!”

Our millennial culture and thinking dictates that the nightlife is everything. Most happenings occur past 9PM and every single new acquaintance that we get to make at the bar, in a coffee shop, every moment in time past our working schedules makes us want to hangout, spend time with ‘friends’, people who we find interesting, and just party the night away.

For sure you’re guilty, I, too am!

This culture forces us to contour ourselves to the liking of others. We all gravitate towards the scheme of being with the curve, along the curve, and being the curve. 

The famous acronym FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) gets thrown around a lot these days and what it stands for, doesn’t even come close to how bad our level of attachment has become with social media.

We want to belong. We want to be part of this, be part of that. We want to look like the trendiest celebrities. I definitely want those distressed light-washed jeans and that striped polo shirt from H&M center pieced by that Off-White pair of sneakers for the 90’s look. See? You imagined that. We all feel that sense of belonging and appreciation from the crowd that we call our friends and “audience”. I mean, who doesn’t want followers? For influencers, it is their life’s work, their revenue, their lifestyle. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with wanting that shirt, those shoes, those jeans, a thousand followers.

What’s wrong is making our worlds revolve around it.

Hear me out.

Ever heard of social media detox? Can you imagine deleting your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and everything else just for a week? Can you manage to not look at your phone for one hour when you’re out for lunch, out with your real-life friends, enjoying coffee in your favorite coffee shop with a book or kindle?

Give it a shot.

I just came off of a week of it and I can tell you, it’s not easy. Temptations come and go, it’s everywhere, and every single person and friend that you have whether it be your brother, your mom, your bestfriend, your gym buddy, or even your workmates will always bring out the magic words: “Have you seen this video of *someone you don’t even hang-out with in person anymore*?”

Ponder upon this.

We spend too much time talking about people we don’t even care about for reasons we don’t even really need in our lives. We seek for approval from people we don’t know, we don’t give a fuck about, and don’t even add value to our lives.

We spend time after work or after school gossiping, sharing stories about other people, or maybe stories about our lives that we repeat and repeat and repeat until we convince ourselves that it’s really important shit but we don’t actually realize that it’s more of building up toxicity more than relaxation and peace.

What the fuck you talkin’ bout, bro? We’re young, let’s live our lives out, you high or something?

Alright, this is where waking up REALLY early in the morning comes into place. And when I say really early, it’s waking up around 5AM every single freaking day intentionally. Intentionally. Imprint to yourself and to your body clock the fact that you have to be up by 5AM to start with either coffee, hot chocolate, or even just make your bed, or brush your teeth, or wash that drinking glass you left at the sink last night because you were too tired or too drunk to fix up anything.

Start with one task. And everything will flow. As for my case, I wake up every single morning at exactly 5AM, sometimes earlier, first thing I do is drink a glass of H2O, brew up my coffee in a press, then I meditate for 10 minutes using this app called Headspace.

Just as I started doing this routine, I got to appreciate more the quaint mornings that is not so common anymore nowadays in our culture. We value too much the night outs, the moments we spend in a club, in a party, in social gatherings where we seldom, if almost never, be our real selves, in that we fake a facade of being “okay”, happy, and enjoying the moment despite the fact that we are actually feeling the exact opposite.

I’m definitely not generalizing every single party and gathering that we go to. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with friends and loved ones.

But lemme ask you, when was the last time you spent genuine solo alone time for yourself, for your mind, for your thoughts, for yourself to just be… you?

Everyday just becomes too toxic if we let it become toxic for us. We have to be aware of the fact that the world is not fair and it will never be. Sometimes, being more aware of ourselves, getting to know what is really important, and identifying what is not worth prioritizing helps. And oftentimes, thinking less, having less, and being less, brings more; is more.

Think about it and let me know how it feels.

Also, do let me know about what you think.

Am I being too negative? Or am I being too stereotypical?

Discuss it with me.

Feel free to comment.

I may be wrong.

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